Try Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick Up and Save $10 on your first Order!

I’ve used this myself a couple times.  It’s great when you’re busy or, as many people are pointing our right now, you don’t want to catch the flu from walking around Walmart!

We’re all looking to save a little money too, so I say it’s worth it to try it at least ONCE so you can save $10 off your first order.  I mean, that’s just 10 free dollars you’re missing out on if you don’t do it.

Walmart stores in Leeds, Trussville and HWY 280/Inverness have online grocery pickup.  Springville will be launching online grocery pick up in SEPTEMBER! 

How does it work?   Order online, set a time to pick up your order, and they bring your order right out to the car to you!   You can schedule a time to pick up your groceries!  They do they hard part!

Here are some things you need to know and some answers to some complete untruths about Walmart Online Grocery Pickup:

  • You can’t use paper coupons or grocery cash back apps.
  • You CAN still use Walmart’s Savings Catcher after your purchase for savings!
  • There are NO fees for using Online Grocery Pickup.  There is NO MARKUP on the items.  (Despite what anyone on Facebook tells you, it’s just not true.)
  • Don’t try to tip the people who load your groceries.  It’s not allowed.
  • Some complaints are that it’s hard to get a pick up time because they fill up fast.  That means the service is popular, which is good!  They will adjust the supply to meet the demand – they will open up more pick up spots!
  • Try about 2 days out to “start your order”.  As long as you pick your time and add at least one item to your cart, it will hold your spot.  It will give you a deadline to complete your order (usually about 12 hours or so before your scheduled pick up time).  You know how you go to the store and get a ton of stuff and come home and realize you forgot one thing?  Yeah, treat your order like that – add everything you THINK you need and you’ll have about a day to add those things you forgot!

I purchased store brand items, things I didn’t have coupons on and items I knew Walmart had a good price on.  So even without “coupons” I feel like I still did a good job saving – and on top of that I got $10 off my first order!

Click here to get a code for $10 off your first order to save time and money!  You will be issued a single use code to use at checkout to get your $10 off!

Plus, I got a cute bag full of free items when I picked up my first order!

Place your online grocery order  and save $10 off your first order of $50 or more!  Click here to get your $10 off code and get started! 

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