Lose Weight with All Natural A.C.E | Let me tell you how

I’ve lost a total of 36 pounds on A.C.E. Let me help you start your weight loss journey too!

I am an independent distributor for the company Saba, who makes A.C.E and other health supplements.  I live in St. Clair County and can deliver to St. Clair and parts of Jefferson County.  What’s stopping you from trying it?  Find me on Facebook, Lose Weight with A.C.E.

I put on way too much weight when I was pregnant and I didn’t lose enough after my son was born.  By the time he was 3, I was an unhealthy, out of shape mess.  I had no energy to enjoy playtime with my son.  I prayed every day that he would take a nap so I could too.  I knew I had to do something about my weight but I didn’t know what!

I am forever indebted to my wonderful friend who introduced me to A.C.E!

A.C.E. – Appetite Control and Energy dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of ingredients including dark cocoa and natural caffeine, plus additional ingredients. One or two capsules will turn off your hunger switch and kick you into gear!  With Appetite Control and Energy you will have a reduced appetite, eat less, and be energized throughout the day. The combination of reduced caloric intake, as well as increased energy and activity leads to successful weight loss.

I’m now a total of 36 pounds lighter than I was when I started taking A.C.E.  Look at me now!   This picture is me wearing the SAME dress I have on in the picture above.  The picture above was before ACE, this picture is me at my 30 pounds lost mark!

This could be you too!  I would love to help you drop pounds to get healthy!  Visit my A.C.E page at www.facebook.com/LoseWeightACE

I am an A.C.E associate.  I believe in the product so much that I sell it now.  It has worked for me and I’d love to talk to you about how it can help you!

A.C.E. ingredients are ALL NATURAL.  A bottle of 60 capsules is $66  so for little more than $1.00 a day, YOU can take charge of your health!  I knew that I needed to do something because I have a precious child to take care of and my weight was getting in the way of that!

You can also purchase A.C.E in a one week sample pack or a 30ct pack.


Vitamin B6
Cocoa Powder
Green Tea Extract
1,3-dimethyl pentalamine HCl
Phenylethylamine HCl
*If you’re concerned about the caffeine, it’s naturally sourced from cocoa.  It is NOT the same as the caffeine in sodas or energy drinks!

If you’d like to know more or place and order, email me at loseweightwithace @gmail.com (just remove the space from the email address).

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