*HOT* Aldi Deals: $.69 Eggs, $2.49 Milk and more!

I love shopping at Aldi! There isn’t one in St. Clair County (though I wish there were!) but the one in Trussville in the KMart shopping center on Chalkville Mountain Road is convenient enough and always worth the trip!

20120724-191836.jpgI was just in there TODAY (5/1/16), and was excited to see that the price of eggs and milk had dropped! Milk is always in my shopping cart when I stop at Aldi!

Here’s what I saw today:

Milk $2.49

Eggs $0.69

Bananas $0.29/lb

Bagged Salad $0.69

Red Grapes $1.98 for 2 pounds!

Avocados $.69 each or 3/$1.99

Hamburger Buns 8pk $.85

White Bread Round Top Loaf $.85

(The picture is an older picture which is why it’s showing milk at $2.89).  I have no idea how long these prices will last.  This week’s ad runs until Tuesday so I assume you have until at least then to grab these super price!

If you’ve never shopped at Aldi before, read why shopping at Aldi is different from other stores.

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