Get your Rock Painting Kits & Supplies on Amazon


You have to be living under a rock to not know that rock painting is all the craze right now. If you don’t know, here’s the short of it —

Rocks are painted, hidden in public places to be found.  Finders can keep OR re-hide to keep the game going.  The bottom of the rocks usually have the name of a Facebook group written where you can post the rock you found so the creator knows it has been found.  You will also likely find clues to where more rocks are hidden in the FB group.

We’ve had fun hunting down suitable rocks in our back yard for this purpose but we are quickly exhausting our rock supply AND the larger, smoother ones you can buy do paint so much better.  So I know soon we will have to get a kit or at the very least, a bag of rocks.

Indeed.  A bag of rocks.  Jack Sparrow needed a jar of dirt.  I need a bag of rocks.

Pictured above – Panacea 70005 River Rock, Mix Color, 2 Pounds $8.09 on Amazon.

If you need the paint and brushes also to get started on your rock painting adventure, there are plenty of kits you can get on Amazon that have paint and rocks.

Rock Painting Book and Kit – $17.50
–8 paints and a large assortment of rocks

Creative Kits: Rock Painting – $14.11
–8 rocks, 10 paints, brushes and idea book

Creative Roots Pet Rocks by Horizon Group USA – $15.56
–5 rocks, 6 paints, brushes and idea book

The Art of Rock Painting: Learn to Paint Fun Designs and Doodles – $12.38
–5 rocks, 8 paints, brush and idea book

To find a Facebook Group for the Rock Painting, search Facebook for the name of your state, county or town and the word “rocks”.  There is a St. Clair County AL Rocks group for this area but also several spin-off groups that are hyper local (like Pell City Rocks).


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