Advertise! on St. Clair County Savings

Would you like to advertise on St. Clair County Savings?

There are several options available to you:

  • Sidebar banner and link advertising (see the “A Play Place” ad to the right >)
  • Blog posts:
    • This would be a permanent listing on the site featuring your store, company, product, etc, information – sales, promotions, etc
    • Makes you available to search engines (for example, if you sell Thirty-One, advertising on St. Clair Savings via blog post will make your information show up if someone looks up “Thirty-One Distributors St. Clair County”.)
  • Giveaways: People LOVE giveaways!  I can help you facilitate a giveaway via a blog post (also providing the benefits listed above).  Plus a giveaway can help drive traffic to your company website, Facebook page, etc, and generate more fans and more sales for you.
  • Cross-promotion on Facebook for Blog Posts and Giveaways

Have a online store front with the option to sell your product/service outside this area?  We can discuss advertising on my other site, Saving Toward A Better Life, with a fan base of 11100+ on Facebook, 2700+ on Twitter and 1500+ on Pinterest!

Email me at savingtowardabetterlife (just remove the space in the address) for more information!

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